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In 1984, in Middletown New Jersey, ICS was founded to offer custom interface video display boards for the industrial and medical computer market. In 1992, our product line was expanded to include a complete line of color & monochrome CRT monitors, in open frame, steel cabinet and rack mount assemblies with sizes ranging from 5" through 29". With our variety of large screen monitor offerings we entered into the CRT-based video wall screen market.

The legacy industrial and medical CRT market peaked in the late 1990s and we moved forward developing a video wall controller/processor for the CRT-based and DLP-based rear projection displays side of the video wall marketplace. Since 1999 ICS has focused on providing video wall controllers to support Command-and-Control Centers, Network Operation Centers, Transportation, Public Information, Corporate Facilities, and Advertising.

We also launched a digital signage product line for the information display side of the signage business which includes Flight information, Factory floor environments, Financial institutions, Menu boards, Interactive way finding and Office directories.

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